My name is Libby.

This is my second attempt at a blog. The first one I tried failed because a) I had a very slow computer, b) no digital camera, and c) I put too much pressure on myself to be incredibly witty and clever (which resulted in only 1 post that I deleted about 2 days later).

Now I have a good computer and a digital camera, but the pressure is still there. Its getting bigger with every sentence. So, I'm going to do what I always do to ease my nerves...make a list. A list of introductions.

1. Me

I'm 27 years old. I have a bachelor's degree in printmaking, but all day I make spreadsheets and update a giant database. This is my cube:

Homey, isn't it?

Just like any person in their 20s, I'm trying to figure things out. Mainly, how to balance my creative side and my organizational/neurotic side. I know everyone struggles with this to an extent, but I truly feel that I'm 50/50...I get the same amount of satisfaction from reorganizing my filing system as I do from making a painting.

I'm politically liberal. I recycle. I stop at McDonald's and get #1 combo when I've had a really bad day. I love color. I'm a dog person, through and through. I listen to mixtapes and I use my VCR almost daily. I used to shave my head. Beverly Hills 90210 was a really good show. I have a bowling party every year for my birthday...its one of my very favorite things to do. Oh, and today is Halloween, which is my favorite holiday.

I was going to make a much longer list (does 1 thing even count as a list?), but I'm ready to eat dinner and I'll just save those for next time. And this time, there will be a next time!

Happy Halloween!!


Lollie Lane said...

Oh wow, I would have KILLED for that Annie costume back in the day. You'd better keep up this blog!

Libby G. said...

When I told Ryan about my new blog, the first thing he said was "You're never going to keep it up." That comment alone is enough to make me do it just to prove him wrong :)