Delicious dish

You know when you're walking one way and someone else is walking toward you, and you need to get out of each other's way so you both step to the left, chuckle awkwardly, step to the right, chuckle even more awkwardly, step to the left again, over and over for about a minute until you both finally get it together and manage to get around each other, and you're left feeling incredibly irritated and embarrassed and relieved all at the same time? My whole week has felt like that...sort of off-kilter. Don't know why...just one of those weeks I guess.

Last night I made something so delicious and easy -- veggie rueben sandwiches! I used to eat them all the time at Katz's Deli in Austin, and decided there was no reason I couldn't make it at home (and save $9.50+tip!). If you're looking for new dinner ideas (as I always am), this is a good one.

All you do is butter the outside of 2 pieces of rye bread, then put Thousand Island dressing on the inside of those 2 pieces. Then layer swiss cheese + sauerkraut + avocado + swiss cheese in between, then toast the whole sandwich (butter side down) in a skillet on the stove for a couple minutes on each side. Delicious! I've been so over food these days, tired of all the old standbys, so it was really nice to eat something new.

Happy Thursday!

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Lollie Lane said...

That looks scrumptious. Love the turquoise plate too! :) Where'dye get those hmm?