Good times

Phew. I had such a great Thanksgiving last week, and I had all these intentions of writing blogs about the food (which was delicious), the weather (which was gorgeous), and the good family time (which was great and long overdue), but now its Tuesday and I'm in the middle of a work week and don't feel very enthusiastic anymore. Working is hard. Not really mentally or physically, but emotionally. Maybe its this time of year, but I just want to be home, so sitting in this cube seems harder than ever.

I've written in journals ever since I was a kid, and I've kept every single one of them. At first, they were about dumb stuff like who I was "going with" or had a crush on, but around 16 they started getting angsty and depressing, and after that I only journaled when things were going wrong or I was upset, but never about the good stuff. Now that I don't really write in my journals anymore, I'm torn between keeping the old ones, or getting rid of them so that when I die, my loved ones won't find them and think I was terribly horrible and unhappy.

Now I'm writing in this blog, which is basically an online journal, and I feel like I've been doing the opposite -- only writing about the good things. Am I really that much happier these days, or am I just omitting the bad stuff? I think its a little of both...I'm definitely in a better place mentally and emotionally these days, but its not all perfect. Today hasn't been too good, and I'm blogging anyway, which is why I'm rambling about all this I guess.

Here's some quick highlights from last week...

Ruby wore her new ringer tee (and looked just like a sausage) because it dropped down to the 30s at night and she had to sleep outside at Mamaw and Pop's house.

We hung out with adorable Grandparents...

...and Seth made the saddest face in the world.

Good times, good times :) Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and Seth had such a great Thanksgiving. I love your Christmas Tree and Festive Decor.
Isn't the Holidays the Most Wonderful time of the year. he he