Here I go with my second post, so that's a good sign. Maybe I'll keep this thing up afterall.

Today was a long, hard day at the office, and I'm pooped. I'm looking forward to crashing on the couch for the evening and enjoying some Thursday night tv. After a bad day, is there anything better? On with the list...

2. Seth

Seth is my hubby, and here he is eating some pasta in our kitchen/computer room:

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm big on phases, always have been. Its not really a choice, just how I'm made up I guess. Let's see....there was the vegetarian phase (3 months), the shaved head phase (about 2 years), the graphic design phase (1 year), the karaoke phase (I embarrassed myself in front of people every Thursday night for a year and a half), the list goes on and on. And I'm not done. I continually waver on almost everything - my career, my style, my recreational activities. Well, Seth is the one thing that's actually stuck. He's the one thing I'm truly 100% sure about...no doubts, no wavering, he's IT. He's got a huge heart, and he's hilarious and considerate and smart and creative and loving and wonderful.

We got married almost 6 months ago, and it was the best day of my whole life.

Hurray for Seth!

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