Save Jupiter Hollow

So last night was Lily Tomlin (and now I know that her name is spelled with 1 "L", not 2, but I'm too lazy to fix it in my last post). Anyway, her show was at the beautiful and historic Tennessee Theatre:

I love that place. Walking up to it last night, I had one of those great "I LOVE my town!!" moments. Its really old (an architect from Chicago started construction on it in 1927) and extravagant and special. So last night was Lily Tomlin, and Stacy was nice enough to share her extra free ticket with me! Here we are outside, feeling excited about the show, flushed from too many $2 margaritas, and freaked out about seeing someone from the past (he's the one who took our picture):

Lily was hilarious and schizo and not at ALL what I expected. She kept talking about how free she is, and you know I believe it. Watching her, I truly believe that she's doesn't care one bit what people think of her, and because of that people love her. I'm not there yet, but hopefully one day I will be.

Oh, and I brought my Big Business DVD (complete with Sharpie) for Lily to sign, but unfortunately we didn't get to meet her. I'm convinced she would have been completely friendly and great, though.


Anonymous said...

didn't lily tomlin do the skit on sesame street with the big overstuffed chair where she talked about sandwiches with mustard and tomatoes with a really stuffy nose? if that was her, she was my favorite.

yeah for blogs!


Jeannette said...

I love love LOVE that you have big business on DVD.