The big game

Phew. I've been sick all week, and I'm still not really feeling 100% yet, but I'm better, and glad to be off the noodle soup and saltines diet. Anyway, that's why I haven't posted a new blog in awhile...that, and Seth and I were in Nashville last weekend watching the Titans beat the Colts!!! It was pretty incredible. For anyone who isn't into football, let me just tell you - this was a big upset. The Titans haven't been doing well this season, and the Colts have the #1 quarterback in the NFL. The best part? We won in the last 7 seconds with a 50 yard field goal!! That almost never happens. Here are some pictures from the day...

Here's Seth in his big coat on the way to the game:

And here's my dad in his funny fur hat:

Never in a million years did I ever expect to go to a football game with my mom!!

I'm so glad she got to come to the game...we had so much fun together. The only downside? Sitting outside for 4 hours in 38 degree weather. It was seriously so freaking cold...even with all this covering, I was still freezing:

Al was somewhere in the section behind me...I looked and looked but could never spot her :(
Look at Nashville's pretty skyline!

The ride there was fun, too. Ruby ate her dinner in the backseat of the she is licking her chops and looking especially wacky:

Hahaha! If she were a human and was vain like people are, she'd kill me for posting that picture of her :)

That's enough for now. I'm pretty tired from working all day instead of watching TV and napping randomly throughout the day. I hope everyone had a great Thursday!

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