the calm after the storm

Well, Christmas has been over for 6 days now, and I'm still recovering. Don't get me was great. It was just allot. Allot of traveling, allot of hanging out, allot of eating. I'm thankful to have some "me time" again.

So much happened, its overwhelming to think about what to post about first. So, I think I'm going to post in stages, and mainly just pictures. Here goes...

1. The Family

Seth and I spent 3 nights with my whole family, and believe it or not, it was really great. Sure, there was a tense moment here and there (usually involving a game we were one in my family likes to loose), but overall, a good time was had by all. Here's the whole family before the Christmas morning chaos ensued:

I don't have an after-the-chaos picture because the present opening process took 3 and a half hours, and by then we were all ready to move on to something else... hanging out with the kids. Overall, they were really well-behaved the whole time, and allot of fun to be around. Isaac (the one lounging on the couch below) really took to Seth...he told his dad one night that "Uncle Seth calls me 'Buddy' and 'Dude' and he's a really nice boy" :

After the family time, I got to hang out with my buddies Al, Chi-Chi, and Ben, and it was great fun as always.

Then Al got to come to Knoxville for a night, and we at sushi with Seth. Isn't his dinner the most beautiful dinner you've every laid eyes on?

Shew. That's enough for now. I'll write about the rest later. You know how people say they need a vacation after their vacation? Those people know what they're talking about. More later...

Oh - Happy New Year, everyone!! Can you believe its 2007?!?!

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