Early Bird

I woke up today at 7:30 am! I haven't woken up that early by choice in a long, long time. Now its 9:30 am, I've already been up for a couple hours, and I feel like I have so much time ahead of me on this chilly Saturday to do whatever I want. Did I mention that its 21 degrees outside? Brrrr.

I'm pretty sure I irritated Seth and Ruby by getting up so early (and taking pictures of them sleeping). I couldn't help it -- they were too cute!

Notice they've both turned away from me in protest by the last shot :)

Today is my neice's 3rd birthday, and she's having a party at Chuckie Cheese! She's going to have a ball. My very first memory of my whole life was at my 5th birthday party at Showbiz Pizza (which is now Chuckie Cheese), and it was such a great day. Robotic animals and a chocolate cake...what more could a girl ask for :)

I'm off to do some more Christmas shopping...


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Ruby yawning and Seth sleeping. I also loved Showbiz Pizza! Wouldn't you Love to have a Birthday Party like that again?

Libby said...

Oh yeah, absolutely! A bday party at Showbiz would be sooo fun (but only if I could get all the kids out and only have adults there, haha) :)