I need to find a passion. Stacy and I have talked about this before...about being a Jill Of All Trades, but not an expert at anything. I can say I like to paint, draw, make prints, craft, or whatever until I'm blue in the face, but I don't really DO any of it. Sure, I dabble, but that's about it. The last time I spent any significant amount of time doing any sort of art form was when I was in college and I had to. Of course I can't really make prints right now because I don't have a press, but I could paint. I have a million tubes of paint and brushes and a canvas and plenty of free time, but I still don't do it. And that makes me question painting all together - if this was my passion, then wouldn't I be doing it no matter what? Wouldn't I feel lost or incomplete without it? Because I don't. I feel guilty for not painting because I know I have a creative mind that needs to be exercised. But maybe it's just not my passion, which means I need to spend some time figuring out what that is and pursue it. Something that excites me enough to turn off the TV and get off the couch even when it's 14 degrees outside.

Thomas and Yda (Seth's uncle and aunt) came into town from Salt Lake City this past weekend, and it was so great to see them. When I was showing Grandma G the wedding album, she told me that Seth and I remind her of Thomas and Yda, and I took that as a big compliment. Thomas is a great photographer, and he brought his professional camera and let me take as many pictures as I wanted - it was so fun! I love taking pictures. I take pictures constantly, even when I'm by myself in the apartment (aka. all those pictures you see on this blog of salad and Oreos and pasta bowls and thrift store finds). I even had a dream Sunday night about taking pictures with that big camera, and then it hit me - maybe photography is my passion! It's the one thing I do all the time, in school or not. Maybe I'm jumping the gun. All I know is that I feel excited about the possibility of maybe having discovered something creative I can really pour some energy into. Well, once I save up some major bucks to buy a good camera anyway :)

While I'm on the topic of pictures, here's some from Saturday night out to the Brewery and the Bijou Theatre to see Yo La Tengo with Stacy and Mike, and Sunday with Thomas, Yda, and Grandma G:


Well, I know it's been awhile since I posted, but honestly, I just haven't had much to say lately. The cold weather is putting me in a foul mood, and all I've been doing is watching TV and eating. Lots of eating. At first it was pure junk food....Lay's Sour Cream & Onion Chips, Mini Pizza Bagels, Wendy's, Sonic, Papa John's, Waffle House, Jimmy John's, and Dr. Pepper. Oh, and Oreo's. Which reminds me of the only "news" I can think of to share. Last week, for the first time in my whole life, I dunked an Oreo in milk before I ate it. Oh MY. It's a completely different experience, and it's sooooo tasty. I can't believe I went almost 28 years without knowing the joy of Oreos+milk, and I'll forever be grateful to my dear hubby for opening my eyes.

On Saturday I finally went to the grocery store, so I started eating a little better (mainly because I could no longer use the "There's nothing in the fridge so I guess I have no choice but to eat at Wendy's!" excuse). And really, it felt good. My body thanked me.

But then, today, I tripped up again. It was 28 degrees when I left the house, and that frustrated me, so I had to eat a patty melt, fries, and a huge brownie for lunch. Oops. Maybe my body thinks I'm hybernating for real and is trying to store up food since I spend so much time on the couch under the feather blanket these days.

I guess that's all I have to say right now. I'll sign off with a couple pictures of Ruby in her cute new harness. Later!

Quiet Thursday morning

Good morning! Today is Thursday, and I'm feeling pretty chipper. The work week is almost over, and there are rumors of a big winter storm that's supposed to hit this weekend, so I'm excited. On Saturday, I'm going to the grocery store to stock up (and because the only thing in our fridge right now is sour cream, 1 tortilla, and 4 pieces of stale bread), and then I'm hoping for buckets and buckets of snow and ice so Seth and I can camp out on the couch and watch movies and drink hot chocolate and cuddle with Ruby.

There's not a whole lot going on in my life these major milestones or changes or drama. It's nice. Things haven't felt this calm in, well, years. Seems like there's always something going on, good or bad, and those times are exciting for sure. But it's nice to just coast for a bit. I know it won't last forever, and I'm trying my hardest to enjoy it instead of anticipating what is going to happen next to shake things up.

So that's what I did on Monday - enjoyed the calm - by painting for 3 hours. 3 HOURS!! It was great...I turned on the record player and listened to my new Sound of Music record, and then the Outkast record that Seth gave me for Valentines Day a few years back. What a great album.

Anyway, I just painted and painted, and it felt GOOD. Allot better than sitting on the couch and watching episode after episode of Trading Spaces. Plus, every time I turned to look behind me, this is what I saw:

It was like she was watching me work, haha :) She's just so sweet. I feel like she gets sweeter every day (except for the days she rolls in deer poop while we're visiting my family on Christmas).

And finally, one more piece of news. Seth got a new haircut!!

Isn't it CUTE? I love it. I think he's such a fox. Mmm mmm :)

Until next time!

Winter is here, finally

I am worn. out. This week at work is one of the busiest I've had yet, and the time in between has been busy, too. This morning, about an hour into work, out of nowhere it started snowing, and it was gorgeous. I called Seth and had him take a picture of it because I knew it was too warm to still be there when I got home.

I work with allot of "adults" -- people who are 40+ years old, have kids, and own real estate. Once the first person noticed the snow coming down, we all ran out of our respective cubes to look. For about 15 minutes, we all turned into little kids, squeeling about how the flakes were getting bigger and bigger and hoping that UT would shut down so we could go home. About 30 minutes later, the snow stopped and there were no traces that it ever even happened. A little snow is better than none at all though, and now it feels more like a real winter.

I'm not crazy about winter (unless there are buckets of snow, and then it's exciting and cozy and romantic), but one thing I've discovered that makes me feel better is cooking. I've been doing lots of it lately...tortellini soup, my mom's homemade spaghetti (with Morningstar Farms Veggie Crumbles as a replacement for ground beef - it really does taste just as good, and it's so much better for you), my special pesto pasta dish that I made up a long time ago. Oh, and another cake (for Ryan's big 24th birthday bash). I'm no Rachael Ray...I like to chop everything in uniform sized pieces, lay it all out individual piles and bowls, and then start cooking. Sure, it takes allot more time that way, but I really enjoy the ritual of it. It's calming and steady and organized. And it makes me feel productive during the months when I'm the most lazy.

p.s. Thanks for the prep bowls, Stacy...I couldn't love them more :)

One last thing: Remember the treasures I mentioned a couple days ago? The biggest and best one is finally here, thanks to a good friend with an old truck.

Hurray! The days of cursing the futon are over, and now more than 2 people can sit in the living room and we can stretch out and have back support again. Plus, it's soooo much cuter. But the best part? It only cost $22.50. $22.50!! Can you believe it?! I still can't. That's a freaking bargain. I think it makes the room look allot bigger, too.

Well, I can't look at this computer for another second, so I'm gonna sign off. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Today was the most successful thrifting day I've had in years. Stacy and I went to 4 different thrift stores, and I got so much loot (and for so cheap!!). All I have to say is - it's about time. Every time I've been thrifting lately, all I find is crap and it's so disappointing. But not today!! Here's what I got:

1. 3 awesome records: The Sound of Music soundtrack (I plan to listen to it while I'm cleaning and belt out every song), an album of christmas music sung by Julie Andrews, and a record of Hawaiian music that has an awesome cover

2. A stack of magazines for a quarter each

3. A really great little brown purse with a gold clasp

4. A vintage apron

5. This great travel box for toiletries that I'll either use for traveling or to hold stuff...haven't decided yet.

And, the best thing of all isn't here yet, but it's bought and paid for and I should be able to get it here tomorrow. Here's a hint:

I'll post more about that one (the most exciting purchase and by far the best deal) tomorrow, or whenever it's here. What a great day. Oh oh, and I almost forgot something that made it even better. Today, it was 70 degrees and sunny, so I got to run around in a tank top, my favorite purple skirt, and sandals!! Joy :)

Random thoughts

I haven't been feeling very into my blog lately, and it just occurred to me that I haven't been using it for what I meant it for...a place to stash my random thoughts. I've been posting lots of pictures, which is fun for sure, but that's about it, and I'm getting tired of it. And really, ever since I got the digital camera, I think I've been going overboard on the picture taking in general. Since I got the camera, I have documented every significant and insignificant moment in my life and, as Sammy said in Reality Bites, "I just do not understand why this moment needs to be Memorexed."* A friend of mine came into town for 2 days, and I took 132 pictures during that time. I think that's over the top. Anyway, some random thoughts I've been pondering lately:

1. Its winter, and I'm feeling laaaaaazy. It hasn't really been that cold, but its been dreary, and more than that, I'm just worn out. Christmas was such a huge ordeal this year, and I ran myself ragged trying to get things done. Now that the holidays have finally passed, I'm just over it. I'm over talking to people, I'm over errands, I'm over any kind of schedule or agenda all together. As a result, all I want to do these days is put on my grannie nightgown, curl up on the couch under my big feather blanket, and watch the box. I know this isn't the best use of time and I should probably force myself to get some exercise or something, but part of me wonders if I should give into this lazy period and just go with it. Would it really be so bad to be in pjs and watch tv and oversleep for a couple months? Bears do it (the oversleeping, anyway)...why can't I?

2. Two things have really freaked me out about our country and our culture lately: a) watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve and seeing the "artists" who performed, and b) Saddam Hussein's execution and the video of it being "leaked" online. I feel like all the new "music" these days is all fluff and image and no substance or talent (Gwen Stefani's "Wind it Up" anyone?), and the execution....well, the whole thing is just sick. It makes me sick.

3. Movies I've seen recently (and my recommendations/warnings against):

*** A Scanner Darkly - Wacky, and I wouldn't watch it again, but definitely different from anything I've ever seen. Its worth a view if you're looking for something unique (3 stars).
**** Little Miss Sunshine - Good movie, likeable characters, very fun to watch, but not as great as I expected it to be. Definitely worth a rental (4 stars).
***** Batman Begins - This is a really great movie. I love the old ones because they're fun and comicbook-y, but this one is good because its just well done and well written and clever. I highly recommend it (5 stars).

That's all for now. But expect more posts like this. Unless you find this dull or self-indulgent (but really, aren't all blogs in a way?), and in that case please tell me so I can avoid this in the future.

PS. If you're like me and need visual stimulation to stay interested, here's some recent pictures from the Lost Sea Adventure and bowling. Enjoy!