I need to find a passion. Stacy and I have talked about this before...about being a Jill Of All Trades, but not an expert at anything. I can say I like to paint, draw, make prints, craft, or whatever until I'm blue in the face, but I don't really DO any of it. Sure, I dabble, but that's about it. The last time I spent any significant amount of time doing any sort of art form was when I was in college and I had to. Of course I can't really make prints right now because I don't have a press, but I could paint. I have a million tubes of paint and brushes and a canvas and plenty of free time, but I still don't do it. And that makes me question painting all together - if this was my passion, then wouldn't I be doing it no matter what? Wouldn't I feel lost or incomplete without it? Because I don't. I feel guilty for not painting because I know I have a creative mind that needs to be exercised. But maybe it's just not my passion, which means I need to spend some time figuring out what that is and pursue it. Something that excites me enough to turn off the TV and get off the couch even when it's 14 degrees outside.

Thomas and Yda (Seth's uncle and aunt) came into town from Salt Lake City this past weekend, and it was so great to see them. When I was showing Grandma G the wedding album, she told me that Seth and I remind her of Thomas and Yda, and I took that as a big compliment. Thomas is a great photographer, and he brought his professional camera and let me take as many pictures as I wanted - it was so fun! I love taking pictures. I take pictures constantly, even when I'm by myself in the apartment (aka. all those pictures you see on this blog of salad and Oreos and pasta bowls and thrift store finds). I even had a dream Sunday night about taking pictures with that big camera, and then it hit me - maybe photography is my passion! It's the one thing I do all the time, in school or not. Maybe I'm jumping the gun. All I know is that I feel excited about the possibility of maybe having discovered something creative I can really pour some energy into. Well, once I save up some major bucks to buy a good camera anyway :)

While I'm on the topic of pictures, here's some from Saturday night out to the Brewery and the Bijou Theatre to see Yo La Tengo with Stacy and Mike, and Sunday with Thomas, Yda, and Grandma G:

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Lollie Lane said...

You take great photos, I think. I think there's something to be said for being a Jill of All Trades though. It just shows passion for lots of things in life..think of it as being well-balanced. :)