Today was the most successful thrifting day I've had in years. Stacy and I went to 4 different thrift stores, and I got so much loot (and for so cheap!!). All I have to say is - it's about time. Every time I've been thrifting lately, all I find is crap and it's so disappointing. But not today!! Here's what I got:

1. 3 awesome records: The Sound of Music soundtrack (I plan to listen to it while I'm cleaning and belt out every song), an album of christmas music sung by Julie Andrews, and a record of Hawaiian music that has an awesome cover

2. A stack of magazines for a quarter each

3. A really great little brown purse with a gold clasp

4. A vintage apron

5. This great travel box for toiletries that I'll either use for traveling or to hold stuff...haven't decided yet.

And, the best thing of all isn't here yet, but it's bought and paid for and I should be able to get it here tomorrow. Here's a hint:

I'll post more about that one (the most exciting purchase and by far the best deal) tomorrow, or whenever it's here. What a great day. Oh oh, and I almost forgot something that made it even better. Today, it was 70 degrees and sunny, so I got to run around in a tank top, my favorite purple skirt, and sandals!! Joy :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the treasures you found and the anticipation is killing me on the other purchase.