Winter is here, finally

I am worn. out. This week at work is one of the busiest I've had yet, and the time in between has been busy, too. This morning, about an hour into work, out of nowhere it started snowing, and it was gorgeous. I called Seth and had him take a picture of it because I knew it was too warm to still be there when I got home.

I work with allot of "adults" -- people who are 40+ years old, have kids, and own real estate. Once the first person noticed the snow coming down, we all ran out of our respective cubes to look. For about 15 minutes, we all turned into little kids, squeeling about how the flakes were getting bigger and bigger and hoping that UT would shut down so we could go home. About 30 minutes later, the snow stopped and there were no traces that it ever even happened. A little snow is better than none at all though, and now it feels more like a real winter.

I'm not crazy about winter (unless there are buckets of snow, and then it's exciting and cozy and romantic), but one thing I've discovered that makes me feel better is cooking. I've been doing lots of it lately...tortellini soup, my mom's homemade spaghetti (with Morningstar Farms Veggie Crumbles as a replacement for ground beef - it really does taste just as good, and it's so much better for you), my special pesto pasta dish that I made up a long time ago. Oh, and another cake (for Ryan's big 24th birthday bash). I'm no Rachael Ray...I like to chop everything in uniform sized pieces, lay it all out individual piles and bowls, and then start cooking. Sure, it takes allot more time that way, but I really enjoy the ritual of it. It's calming and steady and organized. And it makes me feel productive during the months when I'm the most lazy.

p.s. Thanks for the prep bowls, Stacy...I couldn't love them more :)

One last thing: Remember the treasures I mentioned a couple days ago? The biggest and best one is finally here, thanks to a good friend with an old truck.

Hurray! The days of cursing the futon are over, and now more than 2 people can sit in the living room and we can stretch out and have back support again. Plus, it's soooo much cuter. But the best part? It only cost $22.50. $22.50!! Can you believe it?! I still can't. That's a freaking bargain. I think it makes the room look allot bigger, too.

Well, I can't look at this computer for another second, so I'm gonna sign off. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Lollie Lane said...

It looks even better than I thought it would!!

Libby said...

Thanks!! :)