Change of plans

This past Friday, Seth and I planned to go to Florida to visit my sister...I was so excited about seeing her and my brother-in-law and their kids, not to mention it was going to be a much-needed getaway to the beach. Instead, I got sick, the trip was cancelled, and I spent the whole weekend on the couch. To state the obvious, I was pretty bummed. More than bummed, actually. I don't deal well with visits being cancelled...regardless if I'm the one visiting or being visited. Once I caught sight of the big picture and realized that it wasn't the end of the world and we can still go to Florida in a couple weeks, it wasn't so bad after all. I watched allot of TV (which is a whole other topic....I think I need to cut back), got over my sickness in allot less time than usual, and even had some fun :)

Have you ever played Rummikub? GREAT game. In high school, my friends and I used to go to our favorite coffee shop (JJ's) all the time and play Rummikub for hours and hours. Seems like I can never get anyone to play with me anymore, but after a little badgering, Seth finally agreed to play. Sitting in the sun, listening to records, and playing my favorite game...not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon...

What a difference a couple days can make

Sunday, February 18th, 27 degrees, snow:

Today (Wednesday), February 21st, mid-60s, sunny:

I love it. Bring on the heat and the sun and the SANDALS. Hurray for (almost) spring!!

Easy project

Remember when I came home with lots of treasures from a good day of thrifting, and one of the things was a record of Hawaiian music with an awesome cover? Well, turns out, the cover was the only thing awesome about it. The record itself was completely scratched up (I have got to learn to pull records out of their sleeves before I buy them), and the little music that I could make out didn't sound too good. So, I made a box out it!

It took about an hour, and now I've got this cute box to keep all of my little office-y knick knacks in. You know, all my page flags, my post-it notes, my tape, my binder clips. Have I mentioned that I love office supplies? Love them. I don't know how anyone gets along without them. Here are the instructions if you want to make one, too (if you click on the picture, it should be big enough to read the text):

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm gonna go try to block out the bad country music that my upstairs neighbor is blaring. Ruby is not a fan.

Six Weird Things

Stacy tagged me on this 6 Weird Things craze that's been all over Blog Land for the past month, so I guess I have to do it now. If I actually hit "publish" at the end of this list, I'll be proud of myself because for some reason, this whole thing has left me feeling a little exposed.

1. Every time I go into the bathroom, I look behind the shower curtain to make sure there's not a killer hiding behind it.

2. I love doing algebra. If you handed me a high school algebra book and told me I had to work through 100 problems, I'd happily do it.

3. I can't stand feeling things on my face, which is why you'll probably never see me with bangs, lipstick, and especially not foundation makeup.

4. I'm a very nervous rider in cars. I always feel like the person driving is about to get in a wreck, so I tend to gasp allot (and sometimes scream). It's a problem, I know :)

5. I think it's really fun to listen to JT, Britney, and JLo, and I don't care who knows it.

6. I can't stand soggy bread (biscuits & gravy, pot pie, chicken & dumplings - I've lived my whole life in the south, believe it or not!). I also can't stand grits, and I think it's because they remind me of soggy bread.

And there you have it! I guess that wasn't so bad. And actually, here's one more tidbit for ya:

That's right, I was the school mascot in 5th grade. That's not really weird, but it sure makes me laugh :)

The patterns

I've been thinking about painting some sort of design on the front of this green dresser for awhile now, but I haven't yet because a) I'm a notorious procrastinator, and b) I can't settle on the design/pattern I want to use. So yesterday I spent allot of time looking for patterns online, and man - I LOVE patterns. I can't get enough of them. For awhile I even planned on being a professional wallpaper/fabric designer, but, like so many of my fun career ideas, it fizzled out. Not because I don't think that would be an amazing way to make a living, but because I couldn't figure out how to make it happen so I gave up (lame). So after looking online for an hour or so, I realized that I have patterns everywhere in my daily life, so why not look to those for some inspiration?

Wow. There's allot of pattern around our little apartment.

It was so much fun to run around and search out the pattern and take pictures of the treasure I found. Allot of it was obvious...the zebra rug, Ruby's bed, the checkered floor.

But then I found it in unexpected places, too. Like my water cup!

I took so many more pictures, but there were just too many to fit in one post. I may have already included too many, but I just couldn't resist.

So pretty.
Just one thing...I still haven't figured out what to paint on that green dresser. So indecisive. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The small things

Apparently, I am addicted to my Sundays on the couch with Seth.

Yesterday was the Superbowl, but for the first time in years, I didn't watch it. Not because I'm anti-football or anything, but because I really didn't care about either of the teams playing (Colts v. Bears), and I had the opportunity to hang out with 3 pals for a "girl's night" instead. It was so much fun, and the 4 of us managed to polish off almost all of the amazing food that Stacy had scattered around the house...burritos stuffed with things like saffron rice, pineapple and black beans, fancy cheeses and grapes, hummus and pita, apples with Nutella (YUM), pumpkin soup, cupcakes, two kinds of chips. It was quite the spread, and so delicious!

I don't regret skipping the Superbowl. I really needed a night to hang out with the gals. The only thing that threw me off a bit this morning was that I didn't get the laid back day on the couch with Seth that I normally do. Routine is more important to me than I'd usually care to admit, and that time on Sundays recharges me and prepares me for another week in the cube. Tonight my parents drove 3 hours just to have dinner and hang out with us for the night (how sweet is that?!), so the couch had to wait. But you better believe that when tomorrow night rolls around, I'll be on the couch in my flannels by 5:30 :)

I swear they get cuter all the time.

Stacy's armoire

Wednesday night, this:

...became THIS:

Pretty amazing. Sure, it took 6 hours, some epoxy, and a bottle of wine, but it turned out great! And, it was actually fun. It felt good to be challenged and accomplish something.

Can't you just see the sense of accomplishment on our faces?! Or maybe that's just delirium. Happy Friday, everyone!!