paranoia will destroy ya

It's been a long time since I've posted, again. At least once a day, I think about something I want to write about, but then I never get a chance to do it. Things have been kind of hectic these days, which is good in some ways and bad in others. During the month of March, Seth had his first 2 gigs, we both had birthdays, we had out-of-town visitors, we went to Greeneville to visit friends, we went to Gatlinburg to visit parents, and we went to Florida to visit my sister and her family. All of it was GREAT, don't get me wrong. More than great. But because of all the activity, allot of the daily stuff has fallen by the wayside (like blogging, reading other people's blogs, emailing...okay so maybe all the computer-related stuff has fallen by the wayside). On top of all that, work has been super busy, and I have mixed feelings about that, too. On one hand, it's wonderful. The day flies by, and I feel like I'm really accomplishing something while I'm in this cube all day. There's not much I hate more than not having enough to do at work. On the other hand, it's really weird to be all stressed out and rolling around in my office chair in a fury over work things that I ultimately don't care about. I have a bad habit of sighing really loudly over and over when I'm stressed out. This is what my poor cube-neighbors get to listen to all day:

tap-tap-tap-tap-tap [furiously typing] SIGHHHHHH tap-tap-tap-tap-tap SIGHHHHHH

Some lady came around our offices last week to take pictures of people in their natural working environment, and she roped me into posing for this one that's featured on our department's website:

Of course, I blurred out my last name and Cindy's last name, because you can never been too careful (or too paranoid in my case). I guess this is my 15 minutes of fame?

So anyway, I guess I'm going to try to remember all the things I've been meaning to write about lately and write about them now.

The Lady Vols won the National Championship for the 7th time last night!! This picture is from 1987, when they won their first national championship. Patt Head Summitt is awesome.

Seth and I went to Florida last weekend to visit my sister Christy, my brother-in-law Michael, and their 3 kiddos. Aside from some wicked traffic in Atlanta (I don't know how anyone lives in that city) and 2 horrible sunburns, it was a GREAT trip. We played croquet, saw a parade, got lots of beads and candy at the parade, went to the beach, made a sandcastle, ate great food, and laughed allot. It was kind of hard to leave, actually. But I'm just so glad we got to go...this was the trip that we had to cancel a month ago because I got sick.

And last, but certainly not least, today is my sister Lana's birthday, so.....

I hope you are having a great day, and eating lots of delicious cake and doing fun things and feeling like a queen for a day :)


Lollie Lane said...

Great post. Man, that picture of Ruby gave me a giggle with a simultaneous lump in my throat. Good ole PMS. I cried last night because I wanted to watch the Hills and couldn't. Now THAT'S sad.

jeannieo said...

yes, you're right, I will be in Knoxville. I probably won't come down til wednesday though. I'll give you a call when I get there!

PS the date was really fun :)