GG Farewell & Zoe

On the series finale of Gilmore Girls

I can't believe its over! I only found out that the Gilmore Girls was ending last week and now poof! its gone?! Too quick. But, if they had to end the series (which honestly CW, was that really necessary?), I think they did it in exactly the right way. The final scene with Lorelai, Rory, and Luke in the diner was perfect...I definitely didn't need to see all the townspeople of Stars Hollow right to the very end. The CW's farewell (if you can even call it that) right afterwards was lame though, don't you think? I wish it had been Scene's From Next Week's All New Episode instead. What a bummer.

Another tiny painting

This one is of a sweet little girl named Zoe who lives in Portland, Oregon with my good friend Heather. One time when I was visiting Heather in Baltimore (she used to lived there), Ruby busted through the glass of the French doors she was locked behind just to fight with poor Zoe. It was the first time I'd ever seen Ruby in a fight (aka. the first time I saw her turn into a MONSTER), so I stupidly jumped in the middle of them to stop the fight and got bitten on both of my wrists. I ran out into the street and yelled for help and no one came out of their row-homes to help me. Then magically, the fighting stopped and I went back into the house and both girls were just sitting there panting and slobbery-necked. It was definitely scary, and I had to walk around with white bandages wrapped around my wrists for the rest of the week. What an ordeal! But looking back, it was totally worth it to hang out with my pal Heather (whose birthday was yesterday - Happy Birthday!!!). I promise Ruby isn't a monster, and neither is Zoe. They were both just having a rough day :) Here she is:

I quickly discovered that its not easy to paint a jet black dog, so for this little piece she got to be purple :) Happy Thursday!

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jeannieo said...

It's been 10 days again! I miss your updates, and I miss you!