One year

I'm going through a little bit of post-luxurious vacation depression. Seth and I just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary, and we stayed a night at Whitestone Inn to celebrate it. What a place! We were there for a total of 22 hours, and those were some of the most peaceful hours I've ever spent. At one point, Seth and I just laid on our bed and listened to the silence...a nice change from the sirens and traffic and random crazies we hear living on our busy street.

We packed allot into our short stay at Whitestone. We played shuffleboard:
...relaxed in a hammock:
...played croquet on the coolest and biggest croquet course I've ever seen:
...saw a snake eat a fish 5x it's size:
...and saw the prettiest horse I've ever seen in my life:
It totally looked like the horse in The Science of Sleep (great movie, by the way...I highly recommend it). We also had a delicious dinner and ate our 1 year old wedding cake - surprisingly, it tasted great!
Recognize our outfits? ;) Its hard to believe that its been a whole year since we wore those clothes and said our vows each other. What a great year though! And our little rendezvous at Whitestone was a great way to celebrate that year. Now if we could just win the lottery so we could stay there forever.... :)


Norma said...

oh whitestone! I wanted to get married there, but couldn't figure how to make it work on our budget and with family so far away. :(

I visited one day and went all over the place and just loved it. Loved!!!

Congrats on your one year. This is our 6 year, and I have no clue what to do for Derek. :\

Lollie Lane said...

aw, what great pics! I'm glad you had a good time. Happy Anniversary!

P.S. am going to diregard pic of snake eating fish!

jeannieo said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary! You guys are such a special couple and I'm so glad you had a great vacation!

PS I can't believe Gilmore Girls is OVER.

alison said...

YAY!!! Happy Anniversary! That place looks beautiful and very relaxing. i'm glad you had a good time! I love you both!

alison said...

Oh... And I haven't watched Gilmore Girls yet. I taped it and I'm waiting to watch it with a friend so I skipped your first paragraph. =)