Apparently, I'm not the only one who hates Comcast.

I put "hate Comcast" in the Flickr search field and got lots of results. This one is my favorite and describes how I feel too, except I'd add "I miss you phone" and "I miss you TV" to my post-it. And of course, the 10 days (and counting) that I haven't had internet access at home have been filled with all sorts of things I want to blog about, and I've taken a million pictures I want to share. But alas, I can't.

The Comcast dude is supposed to come over on Wednesday to fix everything, but honestly I'm not holding my breath. The first time he came everything only worked for half a day, and the second time he was scheduled to come, he never showed up (and a mini-mental breakdown on my part ensued). So we'll see, and in the meantime I'm just trying to stay calm. Once all this drama is over, I'll have a big mega-post with tons of pictures and news and what-have-you. Keep your fingers crossed that that'll be tomorrow!

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jeannieo said...

Damn you comcast! I want my looskins back!