Austin Powers moment

Occasionally at work, when my boss and I are working on the same project or issue, we yell back and forth between her office and my cube. Definitely a little rude to my cubemates, I'll admit, but they do it all the time, plus 2 out of 3 of them are not nice to me at all, so I feel justified in a yell now and then. Well, today I had a question for my boss about this guy that I was doing a report on, and this is the conversation we yelled back and forth:

Boss: What's his ID number?
Me: 1234567
Boss: And what's his name?
Me: Johnson. Harry Johnson.
Boss: What was that?

I can't believe no one else started to giggle in their cubes, because I sure did. While I like the work that I do, I don't like allot of the people, and sometimes its hard and a little lonely to spend 40 hours a week here. So any comic relief I can get makes all the difference :)


jeannieo said...

I would have been dying laughing!

Rewsk said...

for a second i was like "what are the CHANCES that someone got the badge number 1234567?????"

jeannieo said...

"at least it's Friday! TGIF!"

Lollie Lane said...

oh man, that's the best!