An Ode to Summer

Summer has been getting a bad rap these days, and all because of a little heat wave we've been experiencing for the past couple weeks. Well dear Summer, I still love ya, and in an attempt to convince you to stay around a good while longer (and while I'm at it, to come back early next year), here's an ode to you.

Because of you, I don't have to wear socks everyday for months at a time, which is great because socks make my feet feel trapped.

Because of you, I don't crave all the heavy, unhealthy food that I normally crave but try to avoid...a big plate of beautiful veggies is all I really want or need.

Because of you, I can be ready to leave the house in mere minutes because the only decision I have to make is which tank top and skirt to throw on.

Because of you, the days are long enough for me to be able to have a personal life after I leave the office at 5pm instead of being trapped on the couch under a blanket every night because its pitch black and freezing by the time I get home.

Because of you, I'm getting regular exposure to the sun and I am therefore in a better mood from the vitamin D.

And finally...because of you, a trip to the ice cream store is the perfect and fun and just what the doctor ordered after a long, hot, wonderful summer day.

Yea Summer!


Anonymous said...

Who's the cutest lil' bear of all time eating it's ice tream? I'll have to go with Doctor T's!!!
I LOVE YOU, Baby! Have a wonderful 1st day back to worky-jerky!

Doctor B's

betsy said...

I love this! Esp. the personal life after work point.