House Renovation, Day 1

Date: September 2, 2007
Time Spent: 5 hours
Goal: Pull up the carpet/foam in the dining room; pull up the carpet gripper around the perimeter of the room; pull up all staples & nails in the floor
Soundtrack: 1. The Essential Bob Dylan 2. Are You Gonna Go My Way, Lenny Kravitz 3. The Very Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions

This is what the dining room looked like before:

And this is what it looked like after I got the carpet out (picture is from the opposite angle):

After 5 hours of back-breaking work pulling up millions of staples and tons of carpet gripper (which looks like this and is nailed down)...

...I reached my goal!

That bowl, by the way, is filled with all the nails and staples that used to be in the floor.

I won't lie - this is TOUGH work. Really tough. Being hunched over for such a long period of time killed my back, and my hands ache in their bones and are full of calluses...

...but its alllll gonna be worth it in a month, I know it. The day before I headed over to the house to work for the first time, I talked to my good friend Karen S. about how I was nervous because it is such a big job, and she said that it might be a nice change to be doing something with my hands for a change. And you know, she was right! All the work I ever do anymore is done sitting at a desk in front of a computer, and it was really rewarding work so hard physically and see immediate results right there in my dining room.

I'll be heading back to the house tomorrow to start on the living is twice the size of the dining room, so I guess it'll take twice as long? I definitely won't be able to work for 10 hours tomorrow, but I'll post about whatever progress I make.
One last thing - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Tee!!! Thanks so much for coming in town so we could celebrate with you. We had a blast :)

We love you!!!!


jeannieo said...

Looks like you need some big thick work gloves and a tetanus shot!

Be careful!

I love the shelves in the dining room--so retro and cool.

Lollie Lane said...

Dude, those floors are in MUCH better shape that I thought. The way you described them, I thought they were splintery planks. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! the inside of your house looks great. i can't wait to see it after your remodeling. fantastic!


betsy said...

Daaaaang. WHY do people put carpet over wood. This boggles me.

betsy said...

p.s. I love those shelves too