I'm really picky about art

...and a little judgemental about it too. Okay allot judgemental. I don't like this quality about myself, and I'm always trying to have an attitude like Seth does with music he doesn't like...he can appreciate the skill of the musician playing the music but also accept that it is simply not his taste. I can't always be that nice :) But in my defense, I really feel like 4 years of critiques at art school made me this way. I saw ALLOT of bad art, and just sort of came to expect the good art to be few and far between. So anyway, all that is to say that its extremely rare for me to come across an artist that I like and am excited about, and today I found one (thanks to her)! His name is Keith Maddy, and I instantly responded to his work....partially because it has a similar aesthetic quality as mine (back when I was still making art), but also because it seems so honest and unpretentious. Just from looking at his website, it doesn't look like he was sitting around trying to make cutting edge art that would wow the art world or make him allot of money. His work and his technique seem organic, not forced. And that was how my favorite pieces came about too...I quit worrying about what it was going to be or if it was going to be "good" and just let my hands start making. Sigh. Its good to find someone to be excited about again. Here are some of my favorites, which all came from Keith Maddy's website (which you should check out):

Aren't they great?! I love all the circles, pattern, and layers. Those are my 3 favorite things! From his website it doesn't look like he's a printmaker, but he would definitely make a good one. He's got some good photography too (also on his website).

I just think he's so talented, and I feel inspired now, and maybe once we get into the house I can make a little studio set-up somewhere and start cranking out some art. And speaking of, we're putting down our first coat of polyurethane on Saturday! We decided against the stain, and I couldn't be happier about that. This will be allot less work and money, but I think its also going to be gorgeous. I should be able to post pictures of that on Sunday. Later!

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jeannieo said...

Well, I am thinking of making it a permanent change. I want to make sure that I don't get sick from it because I've heard certain blood types can't handle it.

So for the 80s party I found this dress at goodwill that has a black and white polka dot top (with shoulder pads), a weird sweater belt thing, and a black and white striped pleated skirt. It's totally sick and the side ponytail will complete the look!