Only 3 more days left in the apartment!!!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

...we're REALLY excited :)


Rebecca said...

That was great!! I loved it and boy can you all "break it on down"!

jeannieo said...

to' hilar'!

jeannieo said...

oh, I forgot to mention in my blog that right as we were in the middle of eating our food, one of the other waitresses came over and asked us if we could SCOOT DOWN at the bar to make room for other guests, who turned out to be relatives of hers. So she had us scoot one way, and then as it turned out the people wanted to sit on the other side of us (now even closer!)

how tacky!

Anonymous said...

okay blog now! are you in your new place?! i know you have nothing to do but blog. :)