Moved in

Have we been in the house for 4 nights already? And I haven't blogged in a week?? Good grief. The week has been a haze, and I feel like a zombie. But....we're IN the HOUSE! Seth and I were talking about it last night, and it just doesn't feel real yet. Yeah, all our stuff is there and Ruby is there and our cars are in the driveway and we're getting mail and phone calls and what-have-you, but it doesn't feel like our home yet - more like a house we're living in right now. I'm sure that's because I can't find anything and I haven't established a routine for everything yet...I really like my routine. Ruby likes her routine allot, too. She was on edge big time when we first moved in. She wouldn't stay in a room if we left it, and every night she'd pace around the house for hours...we could hear her nails clicking on the hardwood floors as she walked from the dining room into the kitchen, into the living room, back into the dining room, and on and on in circles all night. Poor thing. She was probably just disoriented because she didn't know her way around and she's getting so blind these days.

I've been pretty disoriented too, and not sleeping too well. I fully expected to feel overwhelmed with unpacking and to be excited for more space and a yard, but what I didn't expect was my reaction to not living in an apartment anymore. I got so used to being in a 2nd floor tiny apartment surrounded by lots of neighbors, and I guess I was so busy complaining about the noise from the apartment above us and having to hike up and down the stairs with my groceries that I didn't realize that those things made me feel safe in a way. There aren't many places for someone (aka, a killer) to hide in a 1 bedroom/1 closet apartment, but it feels like there are endless hiding spots in the house. Plus, unless someone was scaling the apartment building wall, I was pretty much guaranteed that there was never someone (aka, a peeping Tom) outside of my bedroom window. Its also so quiet and dark at the house...I got used to the lights and the sounds on Broadway. Don't get me wrong -- I do NOT miss Broadway and I wouldn't go back for anything. And I'm not complaining, either. Just trying to be honest about all the aspects of being in the new house and the adjustments I've making.

So last night I tried to do things as normally as possible so I could maybe relax a little and get a good night's sleep. No unpacking, no manual labor, no trips to Home Depot...just grocery store, dinner, TV or movie, and bed. Period.

I put some jazz on the radio, stood in my kitchen and chopped veggies for a salad, and watched Ruby wandering around in the backyard from the kitchen window -- it was just what the doctor ordered. It felt incredibly good to make a real meal again instead of throwing a frozen pizza in the oven - I haven't cooked in over a month! It also felt good to sit down and eat it.

Oh man I love a good salad. Ruby finally started relaxing a bit, too.

I got in bed around 10:30pm and I was asleep almost immediately. I don't think I woke up once all night long, and maybe I was just sleeping really hard and didn't hear her, but I'm pretty sure Ruby didn't walk laps last night.

So....things are coming along. Getting better every day. There are still boxes everywhere, only 2 walls in the whole house that are painted, and the kitchen cabinets have no doors or hardware on them. But that stuff will happen with time, little by little. We have 30 years to get it all done, after all ;)


Lollie Lane said...

Oh wow, that ravioli looks so good. And are the bird s&p shakers new? I hear ya about adjusting to the quiet. It's great when you get use to it but at first, it feels like you're the only person on earth. Well, you and the axe murderer, of course.

Anonymous said...

"aka, a killer." LOL. yeah for posting! love it. pictures! more pictures!...i'm never satisfied. :)


Rewsk said...

ahahah, this made me think of the time you made me come over because you SWORE there was a killer in the closet because ruby was acting weird and then i locked my self out of my house in my pajamas on my way over and then you called and said "nevermind! there's no killer in there!" and i was all like "Grrrrrr" That was pretty funny.

I can't wait to see you soon!

Rewsk said...

also, i can't imagine living in a quiet place anymore....i think it would drive me crazy! here i live right beside the train tracks so there are trains going by all the time and it's never silent.

betsy said...

You are going to post pics of the rest of the house, right? I can't wait to see the finished product.

And I totally know what you mean about loving a small space, even if you're ready for a big one.