Thrift store finds

When Heather was here visiting from Portland, we spent a huge amount of time looking for 50's furniture to put in my 50's house. On our first day of looking, we decided to trek out to Clinton, TN to find some awesome antiques....what a mistake. Yes, Clinton has allot of antique stores, but good grief! they are SO expensive. Way way waaaay out of my price range. It wasn't uncommon to see a piece of furniture priced in the $500-1,000 range. So we came back empty-handed and discouraged. The next day we decided to stay in town and hit all the local thrift stores, and there was a treasure in every single place we walked into! It was by far the very best thrifting luck I've ever had in my whole life. Here are 3 of the treasures we found:

a great metal outdoor chair

a yellow leather footstool ($5!!!) and a metal desk ($8!!!! Heather and I had forgotten that everything in the store was 50% off, so when the lady behind the counter said $8, we practically danced a jig of joy right there in the store, haha) :)

I haven't taken pictures of the other stuff yet, but I will soon. I'll also take pictures of the finished kitchen soon, too...I just keep forgetting and before I know it, its dark outside already and the light is no good for pictures. Hate winter.

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is only 15 days away. Its unreal how times flies! And I've got so much to get done before then...mainly painting. Lots and lots of painting. I've had a few recent setbacks, mainly with the bathroom. Remember it was wallpapered when we moved in? Well, Seth stripped all that off in September, and I finally got all the holes patched up, so last week I was all geared up to finally get that room completed. I sanded and primed all the walls last week, then started painting on Saturday. Warning: Never use Ace Hardware brand Lotus Queen paint. It is HORRIBLE. I can't stress this enough. I spent a good 5 hours painting the 1st coat in the bathroom and it looked terrible, but I just chalked it up to being the 1st coat and assumed that a 2nd coat would do the trick. Not the case. The 2nd coat went on just as badly as the 1st one did, and I could already tell that a 3rd coat still wasn't going to look good. I called Ace Hardware and found out that this particular color has no white in it. WHAT?! What kind of paint has no white in it? No wonder I could see every brush and roller stroke. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing...I planned to get the bathroom finished last weekend and I've already put in about 12 hours of work into it, and now I'm looking at paint chips again. But, such is life I guess. Everything can't go exactly according to my carefully crafted plan :) Hopefully I can get the bathroom painted this week and the dining room painted on Saturday. Stay tuned!


jeannieo said...

soooo are you guys going to be in Knoxville for the holiday?

betsy said...

Those are sweet finds! I don't have that gift at all. I go to our local thrift store and stare at a moth-eaten velour high-backed chair for so long I can almost convince myself it's a good buy. And Dustan will look at me like I sprouted 19 heads and remind me that it's trash.
So congrats on esp. that footstool.

can't wait for kitchen pics.

Lollie Lane said...

Where did you find that GORGEOUS TRAY??? :)

Seriously though, I'm really jealous of that white chair. Leave it to me in your will, ok?