Raindrops on roses

I've been tagged, so here are a few of my favorite things!

* Of course I have to say The Sound of Music, but also all of these movies

* Double cheeseburgers from Dirty's
* Mixtapes (making and receiving them)
* These shows

* Riding in the car with Seth with Ruby in the backseat and A Hard Day's Night on the stereo (and singing along to every song)

* Figuring out a system to get a seemingly difficult or monotonous task finished quickly and efficiently
* Microsoft Excel
* Chopping veggies
* iPhoto

* Eating anything at Nama (but especially the Maui Wowie, the Pina roll, inari, a Nama house salad, and crab maki rolls...and Asahi)
* A shower so hot that my skin turns bright pink
* Lay's Sour Cream & Onion chips accompanied by an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper
* Playing Rummikub

* Being barefoot (one of my least favorite things is to have socks on, or for my feet to be trapped under tucked-in covers)
* Huey Lewis and the News

* Running errands with my mom
* Taking pictures of food

*Ruby dreaming and barking in her sleep

* Footed pajamas for adults
* Netflix
* Pattern & color, especially in everyday objects

* Sleepovers
* Burt's Bees

* And more than anything else, my family and friends.

Heather C., Heather D., and Ryan - You're tagged!

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