I'm finally over my sickness, and it feels great to start crossing things off my house to-do list again. This past weekend I made a few minor adjustments to the bathroom -- BEFORE:

AFTER (painted cabinet white and replaced weird silver bulbs on vanity light w/clear ones):

I really think the bulbs alone make a huge difference, but its also nice to get rid of the fake wood in the room. And speaking of fake wood, I also started the transformation of the big laminate TV stand I got for $15. Here it is, untouched:

And here's a close-up of the ugly handles I'll be replacing:

This TV stand is definitely nothing special, but its just the right size to hide the DVD player, VCR, and stereo, and it was CHEAP! Ideally I would have liked to put the TV on a beautiful antique sideboard or low dresser like the one below, but those things are too 400+ dollars.

Sigh. Isn't that one perfect?? But for now my $15 one will have to do, and I'm hoping that once I paint it and add new handles that it'll actually be kind of cute.

I sanded and primed it yesterday, and next Saturday I plan to paint it, put the new handles on, and drill some holes in the back for the wires.

One more thing I have to mention. Yesterday I made sweet & sour tofu for the first time (from VeganYumYum), and omg its SO. GOOD. Seriously. Its my new favorite thing and even though I made it last night, all I've been able to think about this morning is how I want to go home and make it all over again. The crunchy tofu was so good, and the sauce was amazing with it. If you feel like trying something new (and making a mess in your kitchen that's totally worth it), give this recipe a shot. Its delicious!


jeannieo said...

So I can't believe Ricky won the challenge, but I'm not really sad to see Angela go. Her designs were ok, but kind of boring.

Christian has moved up a notch or two in my mind. If I just ignore his hair, his designs are pretty good.

and the tofu looks delish!

jeannieo said...

I really hope that you watched last night's episode and I didn't just totally spoil it!

Alison said...

You're so domestic. =) I wish I had the motivation you have, but next time you visit, my frame will probably still be empty and my wires on my tv will still be showing. I'm so lazy. =)

jeannieo said...

wow, by Angela, I meant Victorya. Flashbacks from last season maybe?

I would say Rami, Christian, and either Jillian or Sweet Pea. I think both of them have trouble getting their ideas together, but when each of them can get through something without making it too complicated, it's great.