Thermostats & (more) tofu

Well, I got off to a very weird start this morning. When the alarm went off at 6am, I thought, "good grief it is FREEZING in here!" But I'm always cold when I first wake up these days, so I pushed snooze, found my socks at the bottom of the bed and put them back on, and went back to sleep for 9 minutes. Then the alarm went off for the second time, and it was still ridiculously cold but I was too tired to care much about it. Pushed snooze again, went back to sleep for another 9 minutes. When the alarm went off for the 3rd time and it still felt like I was sleeping in an industrial freezer, I had to check out the situation. I put on 2 pairs of sleep pants and 2 sweatshirts and headed for the thermostat, only to find that the little lever thing was pushed as far as it could go to the coldest side -- it was set at 50 degrees!! I freaked out and woke Seth up, and just like me, he didn't know what had happened. It was a complete mystery.

As the day goes on and I'm finally warming up, I'm starting to wonder if I sleep-walked and turned it all the way down at some point during the night. I can't imagine what would possess me to do that (well, I guess used the logic of an unconscious sleep walker), and I truly can't remember doing it, but what other explanation could there be? I've done lots of weird things in my sleep before, so honestly, this wouldn't really surprise me all that much. What I wouldn't give to have had a camera set up last night to know for sure...

Other than my rude awakening this morning, I had a nice weekend. It was too cold to leave the house very much, but that was okay by me. I got lots of stuff done around the house, like putting 2 coats of paint on the TV stand (it still needs 1 more coat I think), and making a new tofu dish.

This was the first time I've ever cooked with kale, ginger root, and rice noodles, and it turned out really tasty! I'm not sure kale is my favorite thing in the world, but I still like it and I'll definitely cook with it again because its healthy and cheap (99 cents/head!). This was also the first time I've marinated tofu, and it added a ton of flavor.

I know I've been talking about tofu a lot lately, but as a person who gets sicked out by raw meat and who's married to a vegetarian, I've been frustrated for a long time about what to cook and I'm excited that I finally got over my dumb fear of tofu. Its opened up a whole new world of cooking for me, and its helping get me through the cold months. The next thing I think I'll try is "fish" sandwiches made with tofu. Later!


jeannieo said...

I finally got a library card here and I checked out some vegan cookbooks tonight. I'm really excited! I'll post if I make anything superdelicious!

jeannieo said...

are you aware of this?

jeannieo said...

I've got Jillian, Rami, and Chris right now.

Who's on your team?

That site might be a good replacement since fourfour isn't recapping anymore!