spicy lemon pasta

I tried a new recipe last night that I have to share! I got it from the same place I've been getting all my recipes from lately - VeganYumYum. The woman who runs this website and creates all these recipes is seriously talented...the flavor, texture, and ingredient combinations she comes up with are always unexpected but absolutely perfect together.

This particular dish is called spicy lemon pepper pasta with broccoli, and it is easy and cheap (well, except for the sun-dried tomatoes, but the price is worth it because they add so much to the dish). The recipe is for 1, so I doubled everything and used more oil towards the end than what was called for.

The flavors were great (esp. the hot pepper flakes with the lemon juice), and it was also fun to make. I really like what adding the noodles to the wok at the end did to their flavor and texture. Anyway...I hope I'm not spending too much time on this blog talking about meals I'm making. Is it getting boring to read about? For me it seems impossible to be bored by reading about cooking or looking at pictures of food, but I know not everyone is as interested in this stuff as I am. At the same time, I think the purpose of a blog (or the purpose of my blog, anyway) is to have a place to talk about the stuff I'm pumped up about...I am super excited about all my new adventures in vegetarian cooking lately, so I'm not going to worry about it too much I guess.

Give this recipe a try! You won't be sorry :)

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