I am 29 today!

Normally when people ask "do you feel any older?" on my birthday, I always say no. But you know, I kinda do feel older this year. Not really in bad way, but in a contemplative way. I'm feeling more and more aware of how time is flying by and how things have changed from when I was younger. Maybe I'm just feeling older because I've been Netflixing a lot of teen shows lately...Beverly Hills, 90210 (which is MUCH cheesier than I remember it being), Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life.

Speaking of MSCL, a couple weeks ago I watched the Boiler Room episode with the commentary on, and Claire Danes pretty much summed up what I mean about feeling older. She basically said that as she watches the show now, she finds herself much more interested in the what's happening in the lives of the parents instead of what's happening with Jordan, Rayanne, Rickie, and Angela. And I felt the same way! I used to looooove that show, and Chi-Chi and I would fast forward through the scenes with the parents just so we could see if Angela was going to finally stand up to Jordan in the boiler room. Now I watch it and I still love it because its so nostalgic but I can't relate to it anymore. What I can relate to is Angela's dad's fear of risking everything to pursue the career that he's passionate about, and it just goes to show how things have changed.

Like I said, I'm feeling a little contemplative on this birthday :) But I'm feeling good too! And I'm just glad that I don't dread being 30 and I'm not moping around about this being my last year as a 20-something.
Who cares! Cheers to being to 29!!


jeannieo said...

Happy Birthday!

Michael said...

Hey, who's the hot chick in the background of your picture? She doesn't look a day older than 29 either.

And speaking of teen/high school shows, we've just recently started (and are loving) Friday Night Lights, which we are ordering from Netflix as well. Even though we can watch them free online, I'd still rather get the DVD. So what does it mean when a bunch of 30 somethings (and almost 30 somethings like yourself) are watching and enjoying teen dramas?

Happy Birthday Libby! I hope you're warm and cozy inside tonight watching a great, nostalgic show.