Spring is here!

Er, well, I thought it was anyway. We had such a gorgeous weekend...70 degree weather, blooming flowers, the works, but then last night there was a hard freeze? Its frustrating, but at least it was nice for the weekend. Check out these woodpeckers that Seth spotted in our backyard:

Aren't they huge? Click on the picture to see a bigger version...both birds are on the big tree in the middle. This is what they did to the tree (at least, I think the did anyway...I've never noticed these big holes in the bark before):

The best part of a spring-like weekend was that I was really productive, and I finally finished a project that I've been working on little by little for months now (and its been cluttering up our breezeway that whole time too) -- the $15 TV stand redo! Here's what I did, step-by-step:

1. Start with cheap cabinet thing

2. Sand, prime, & paint

3. Drill holes in the back for all the electronic cables to go through using my new favorite tool, the hole saw drill bit

4. Use Mod Podge to decoupage paper from Whimsy Press onto the doors (this was a lot harder than I expected, and I ended up with some bubbles and tears in the paper...luckily this piece of furniture has the direct sunlight coming in behind it so you can't tell).

5. Change out hardware

6. Spend a couple hours moving the thing into the living room and figuring out where all the wires go so all the electronics work again. And voila!

Remember when I was saying that I'd want an awesome antique sideboard to use as the TV stand if I had the money? Well, I don't feel that way anymore because a) I like the way this one turned out so much, and b) I got to customize it for our needs exactly without worrying about destroying an expensive antique. With the $15 for the cabinet itself plus the paper, hardware, and paint, I figured up that the whole thing cost about $30 (plus a lot of time). You can't beat that! Plus, I just love how much cleaner the living room looks now that all the electronics are hidden.



I'm really glad I put the paper on the doors because otherwise, all that white would have stuck out too much I think.

One more quick thing -- Seth and I watched No Country for Old Men over the weekend, and it was a GREAT movie. Its violent for sure, but if you can get past that (or look away like I did), I definitely recommend it. The acting, cinematography, and story are incredible...I can totally see why it won for best picture this year.

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

You have a gift. I would never think of changing that table the way you did. And, if I tried, it would NOT look as good as yours. Rock on. I wish you lived in Austin so you could help me decorate. :)


jeannieo said...

those are pileated woodpeckers! they're the ones woody woodpecker was modeled after, and I think they might be an at-risk species. So awesome that you have so much wildlife in your yard!

Lollie Lane said...

she's right..they are at risk. I know because my dad just about how a cow when my neighbor said he was going to shoot one in his backyard w/ a bb gun because it had killed one of his trees. The TV stand looks great!

Anonymous said...

Libby, the cabinet looks AWESOME! I can't believe you did all that yourself--I am impressed :) Makes a huge difference in the room too. You go girl!! --Loufer

Norma said...

As the owner of a big big room, I'm glad to see how you handle the space. It's odd isn't it? Everyone talks about wanting these huge open spaces but they're a little difficult to define.

When we moved in my living room felt like a temporary gallery installation instead of a "room". Weird.

The cabinet is beautiful. Very nice.