Well, here it is, the exciting news I promised yesterday....

The May 2008 issue of HOME Magazine came out! And...um....our kitchen is on page 44!!! This is all really weird and exciting and I honestly can't believe it actually happened. I haven't written about it before now because I was scared it would end up falling through for some reason...you just never know, ya know? But its out there on the shelves now so here's the scoop!

About 4 months ago, the writer of day-lab's DIY blog asked for people to send her before & after shots of their do-it-yourself projects. I sent in pictures of our kitchen cabinets and she wrote a blog post about it. Well, about a month later, an editor from HOME contacted me and asked if they could put something in their magazine about the cabinets, and of course I said yes! But still, a tiny bit skeptical. Next thing I know, a photographer from Atlanta and 2 stylists are at our house at 8:30am, adding vases, cutting fruit, switching out rugs, and basically making everything look 10x better than it actually does in real life.

talk about camera envy...

...and rug envy

6 hours later, they put everything right back where it was when they got here and left (and unfortunately took the awesome orange rug with them), and that was it...all I knew from that point was to keep my eye out for the May issue of HOME.

Well, May is about a week away, but yesterday I went to Kroger to check for it (okay, I've been secretly checking for it for over a week now, haha), and there it was!

I still can't believe it, and I'm just really excited about the whole thing and appreciative that HOME wanted to put our kitchen in their magazine in the first place. If you get a chance, go pick up a copy! I got mine at Kroger, so I think they're pretty easy to find.


Earth Day!

I make a big trip to the grocery store every weekend, and I've been feeling super guilty lately about all the plastic bags I bring home each time. I have been meaning to buy reusable grocery bags for months now, but I'm thrifty and couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on all the cute ones I've been seeing online lately....like these:

But today when I was in Kroger, they had these on sale (since its Earth Day I guess) for 5 for $4 and I snatched them up.

Not very cute, but a million times better than bringing home 15 plastic bags every week!

I think I'm doing okay on the environmental front (recycling, turning off lights, buying used when I can), but there's still a lot more I'd like to do. Here are some of my goals:

1. switch all the light bulbs in the house to compact fluorescent bulbs
2. replace all the appliances w/energy efficient ones (this one is obviously not going to happen anytime soon...pretty much whenever an appliance gives out, I'd like to choose energy efficient replacements)
3. drive less...I need to cut down on running out for quick errands every day on my lunch break...all that gas adds up
4. insulate the house w/recycled insulation
5. buy my produce locally

Seems like every company is going "green" these days...or at least marketing themselves as green, anyway (Wal-Mart, you're green now? Really?? I don't buy it). I wonder how much of that is just marketing tactics because the big companies know that "being green" is trendy right now. And that's another thing that worries me...that caring about the environment is trendy. People eventually get tired of trends and move onto something else. I just hope that people don't get overloaded with all the "green" EVERYTHING in the media right now and eventually start ignoring it all together.

On a cheerier note, something really exciting happened today! I'll post about it tomorrow...I've been looking at a computer for way too many hours today. Time to step away from the screen :)

Happy Earth Day!


These days I don't feel as interested in TV because its so much more fun to watch all the animals playing in the yard. Everytime I look out the window, I see squirrels or birds or hawks or woodpeckers or Bugs:

Isn't he cute?! He likes to sit right next to the back door and eat dandelions and wash his face with his paws. He also likes to play with 2 other bunnies...they hop over each other and then chase each other around the yard. I could (and do) watch them for hours :)

There's a cute critter inside the house too, can you spot her?

Here's a clue -- look near the front door.

If she only knew what kind of excitement was going on right outside that door... :)


When I told my sisters that kale is one of my new favorite things to cook with, their faces wrinkled in disgust and they couldn't believe I was eating what they used to put on the Shoney's salad bar for garnish. I can't blame them...it doesn't really look very edible when its raw.

But once you wilt it down with ginger-tamari and toasted almonds, it turns into something really delicious and totally healthy (I found out just HOW healthy it is here). And an added bonus? It goes great with tofu, which happens to be my other new favorite thing.

last night's marmalade tofu w/kale and couscous, courtesy of veganyumyum

Food is so much fun to experiment with...I can't get over it! :)

Good times

So Saturday I went to one of the best Smokies games ever! I didn't think it was going to be very fun because it was freezing outside, but I was so wrong...turns out that its kind of cozy to watch a baseball game all bundled up in blankets. The Smokies were down 4-0, but then things got really exciting and they ended up winning. During the height of the comeback excitement, they were playing music and everyone was sorta dancing in their seats (okay I don't know if everyone was dancing but I was), and I got on the JUMBOTRON!!! The camera dude stayed on us for a good solid minute, and it was maybe one of the most exciting things ever :) I wish I'd been thinking clearly enough to get a picture of the jumbotron when we were on it, but I was too distracted. Here we are right after:

Shew. I look kinda crazy there :) But oh well...I was on the jumbotron! Woo hoo!!!
After that, Todd caught one of the baseballs that they were throwing into the crowd. It was his first time catching something at a game, and he was super stoked, can you tell?! :)

To top it all off, they did the Friday night fireworks since the Friday game had been postponed. They were right there at the edge of the field, they turned off the big stadium lights, and it was really cool...I don't think I've ever seen fireworks that close-up before.

I'm so glad its baseball season again!

Locks of Love

Last week my niece Hallie had 10 inches of her hair cut off so that she could donate it to a child that really needs it.

I am so proud of her!! According the Locks of Love website, and it is estimated that 80% of all donations come from children who would like to help other children.

Way to go, Hallie - you rock! :)

The Simple Life

chopping veggies

making dinner

pulling weeds

hanging out in the backyard

loving the simple life.