Earth Day!

I make a big trip to the grocery store every weekend, and I've been feeling super guilty lately about all the plastic bags I bring home each time. I have been meaning to buy reusable grocery bags for months now, but I'm thrifty and couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on all the cute ones I've been seeing online these:

But today when I was in Kroger, they had these on sale (since its Earth Day I guess) for 5 for $4 and I snatched them up.

Not very cute, but a million times better than bringing home 15 plastic bags every week!

I think I'm doing okay on the environmental front (recycling, turning off lights, buying used when I can), but there's still a lot more I'd like to do. Here are some of my goals:

1. switch all the light bulbs in the house to compact fluorescent bulbs
2. replace all the appliances w/energy efficient ones (this one is obviously not going to happen anytime soon...pretty much whenever an appliance gives out, I'd like to choose energy efficient replacements)
3. drive less...I need to cut down on running out for quick errands every day on my lunch break...all that gas adds up
4. insulate the house w/recycled insulation
5. buy my produce locally

Seems like every company is going "green" these days...or at least marketing themselves as green, anyway (Wal-Mart, you're green now? Really?? I don't buy it). I wonder how much of that is just marketing tactics because the big companies know that "being green" is trendy right now. And that's another thing that worries me...that caring about the environment is trendy. People eventually get tired of trends and move onto something else. I just hope that people don't get overloaded with all the "green" EVERYTHING in the media right now and eventually start ignoring it all together.

On a cheerier note, something really exciting happened today! I'll post about it tomorrow...I've been looking at a computer for way too many hours today. Time to step away from the screen :)

Happy Earth Day!

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jeannieo said...

Lowe's is a great place to get compact fluorescent bulbs. They have a 4 or 5 pack for about $7 and sometimes they have them buy one get one free.

I really like taking my own bags to the store, but the cashiers always look at me funny. Oh well. they're just jealous!