Good times

So Saturday I went to one of the best Smokies games ever! I didn't think it was going to be very fun because it was freezing outside, but I was so wrong...turns out that its kind of cozy to watch a baseball game all bundled up in blankets. The Smokies were down 4-0, but then things got really exciting and they ended up winning. During the height of the comeback excitement, they were playing music and everyone was sorta dancing in their seats (okay I don't know if everyone was dancing but I was), and I got on the JUMBOTRON!!! The camera dude stayed on us for a good solid minute, and it was maybe one of the most exciting things ever :) I wish I'd been thinking clearly enough to get a picture of the jumbotron when we were on it, but I was too distracted. Here we are right after:

Shew. I look kinda crazy there :) But oh well...I was on the jumbotron! Woo hoo!!!
After that, Todd caught one of the baseballs that they were throwing into the crowd. It was his first time catching something at a game, and he was super stoked, can you tell?! :)

To top it all off, they did the Friday night fireworks since the Friday game had been postponed. They were right there at the edge of the field, they turned off the big stadium lights, and it was really cool...I don't think I've ever seen fireworks that close-up before.

I'm so glad its baseball season again!

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Lollie Lane said...

Wow, Seth's hair is getting really long! Guess I haven't seen him in a while. Looks like you guys had a great time!