When I told my sisters that kale is one of my new favorite things to cook with, their faces wrinkled in disgust and they couldn't believe I was eating what they used to put on the Shoney's salad bar for garnish. I can't blame them...it doesn't really look very edible when its raw.

But once you wilt it down with ginger-tamari and toasted almonds, it turns into something really delicious and totally healthy (I found out just HOW healthy it is here). And an added bonus? It goes great with tofu, which happens to be my other new favorite thing.

last night's marmalade tofu w/kale and couscous, courtesy of veganyumyum

Food is so much fun to experiment with...I can't get over it! :)

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Lollie Lane said...

dude, that looks just like vyy's photo!