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What a great long weekend.

And what I wouldn't give for every weekend to be 3 days instead of 2....that one extra day really does make a ton of difference. I got so much done! I saw the new Indiana Jones movie (it was high on the to-do list), and it was GREAT! Sure, there were a few things that weren't realistic, but all of the Indiana Jones movies are like that so it was totally fine by me. If you love the old ones, then you'll love this one too. Seth already wants to see it again! I do too, but movie tickets are too pricey...we realized that this was the first movie we'd seen in the theatre together in 2 years! So needless to say, it felt like a big event :)

A few other highlights of the weekend --

I made BBQ tofu for the first time, and it was just okay. I've grilled tofu on the grill pan before and it was delish, but this time it didn't have a whole lot of flavor. I marinated the tofu in BBQ sauce, but I've decided that the sauce was too thick to seep into the tofu enough and that's why it didn't taste like barbeque in the middle. Next time I may find a thinner bbq sauce, or I might just use fake chicken instead. It was kind of fun to make such an all-american kind of meal, though! Except for my "meat"loaf, this is just about as all-american as my cooking gets...bbq, corn, broccoli, and potato salad. Its a good thing I only got a small container of that stuff at Kroger, because I could totally eat a bucket of potato salad and not think twice about it.

I got 2 coats of "maple leaf" paint on the hallway! Now there's only one more pink room left to get rid of. I was so scared that the color would be too loud, but its not at all. There are so many different colored rooms leading into that hall (blue, green, purpley-taupe), and amazingly burnt orange works with all of them. I still need to buy another quart of paint and put one more coat up, then I'll post some pictures.

In the meantime, check out the bedroom curtains that my mom made for us!

This picture doesn't do them justice at all - our bedroom is hard to take pictures in for some reason. But trust me - they are great! This is what the room looked like before, by the way. I still can't get over how great they turned out, and I know she put so much work into just really means a lot that she went to so much trouble and spent so much time on them. She made 6 panels (2 for each window), and she even lined them. Its amazing how much higher the ceilings look with the curtains up, and just how much more dramatic the room feels. It doesn't even seem right to call it a bedroom anymore...its more of a boudoir now :) THANK YOU, MOM!!!

One final thing - we have a new critter! His name is Chunk, and he's a groundhog that lives under our shed. He's really cute and chunky! And hard to get a picture of.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! The curtains Mom did look awesome! Can't wait to see them in person, hopefully this summer.

So sorry about that horrible surprise dentist bill and then the surprise ticket--that stinks big time.

Ha! That groundhog! How did you manage to get a picture of him???