When it rains, it pours

PHEW. Today has been no good at ALL.

I had to go see my mean dentist again to get a crown and it cost soooooo much money. When the lady at the desk told me how much I owed her (in a very casual way, I might add....she said it like it was 5 bucks or something), my jaw dropped, then I got teary eyed, then I managed to be kinda mean to her for not giving me fair warning when I made the appointment in the first place. Dropping that kinda cash is bad enough, but not expecting it makes it that much bigger of a pill to swallow.

The dentist mentioned something during my procedure about getting a crown on another tooth once this one is out of the way, but he can just forget about that now that I know how much these babies cost. My big silver tooth that shows up in almost every picture that I smile in is just FINE, thank you. And now I have a gold one on the other side to match! As Seth put it - now I just have more bling in my mouth.

After the big gold crown and the even bigger bill for it, I sulked in my cube for awhile but finally started coming around and feeling okay.

Until Seth called and told me that I got something in the mail from Camera Enforcement Something-or-other. CRAP. Apparently, I ran a red light last Tuesday. Great. I don't remember doing it at all, but they have 3 pictures to prove it so I guess I did, and now I have to pay $50 for it. This was the last thing I needed today!

But....as the day goes on I'm starting to regain perspective. There are a lot worse things that could happen, and yes it sucks to have to spend so much money on so many non-fun things, but oh well. What are you gonna do...

Well, actually, I know exactly what I'm going to do: Get in my favorite comfortable old lady nightgown ("The Granny"), get a #6 from Wendy's, tap into this a few times,

...and watch some so-bad-its-good TV.
Cheers to tomorrow being a better day!

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jeannieo said...

Hey! I hope you have a sunnier day tomorrow!

"PHEW! At least it's Friday!" (says the lady in the elevator)