yard work

Seth has been working his butt off in the yard these days....mowing grass, trimming bushes, hacking up old stumps, and pushing/pulling down trees. Don't get the wrong idea - the trees coming down were already dead. Unfortunately they were taken over by some really aggressive vines.

I think it might be English ivy, which is bad stuff (I saw the word "invasion" a lot when researching it). It killed a couple trees in the backyard, so Seth has been out there cutting the trees up and clearing out the vines.

He works harder than anyone I know.

You rock, Seth!

Elvis Costello came back to the beautiful Tennessee Theatre last night and he was amazing...I swear he just keeps getting better and better. Seth and I had 3rd row center seats, and it totally felt like he was signing right to us :) Fun times!

I have to get a stupid root canal tomorrow. Definitely NOT fun times. Hopefully it'll go smoothly and it'll be the first and only one I ever have to get.



Anonymous said...

good luck on the root canal!


Anonymous said...

Go Seth! I hope he doesn't get poison ivy!

I've missed you posting! I check your blog daily now, and I've come to look forward to the latest in the life of Liberoni :)

Hope the root canal won't be too bad!!!!