Beach bunnies

So after that no good day Thursday before last, I got the most awesome surprise that cheered me right up. I got home from work all ready to take a load off, when I saw this guy sitting a few feet away:

He has a mohawk! I stepped a little closer and realized that he wasn't alone:

I freaked out (of course), and even though I knew they probably would be gone when I got back, I went into the house to get my camera just in case they decided to stick around.

Well, they did stick around, and when I saw them facing each other, I knew they were about to play so I switched my camera over to video and I caught THIS:

Seriously, I can't tell you how excited I am to have caught this on video. I tell people all the time how cute the bunnies are when they play, but now I have proof! Plus, they did all this playing with me standing RIGHT. there. It blew my mind it was so cute.

In other animal news, Seth discovered that Chunk has a pal now too! This one is a little smaller, and Seth named her Rocky Rodent (Rhoda for short) on the picture to get a better look at these cute little groundhogs.

Seth and I just got back from "LA" (Lower Alabama) for a mini-family reunion, and it was great! I swear, I think being in the ocean jumping waves is my most favorite thing ever....I never feel as relaxed and exhilarated and peaceful as when I'm in the water. It was hard to leave it! The waves were really strong this time, which is unusual for the gulf, and I loved it. The only bad thing was that I got scorched the first day even though I was wearing 45 sunblock (my theory is that the waves washed it off), so for the rest of the trip I wore the works - hat, t-shirt, and zinc on my face. Of course it was great to be with the whole family. We had lots of laughs and it was just good to be together. Here are a few pictures of some highlights, including my nephew Alec's 4th birthday and a ride on a ferris wheel (my first!):

I didn't take any pictures at the beach this time because I forgot to get a disposable camera (I was too scared to take the digital with all that sand....especially when it had a memory card with over 1,000 pictures on it). But I think I got plenty anyway :)
Until next time!

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Amelia said...

CUTE video! I'm surprised they didn't immediately scatter when they heard you.