Dog Days of Summer II

I waited a whole year for Dog Days of Summer at the Smokies stadium, and it was finally time to take Ruby to her 2nd ball game last night. Last year she did really well and had a great time, but this year was a little different since she can't see anymore. From the moment we got out of the car, she was pretty overwhelmed by all the smells and sounds of thousands of fans and thousands of dogs. There were WAY more dogs this adorable red heeler that was also blind, 2 great danes, a tiny dog wearing jeans and overalls, a blue heeler puppy, and about a million other varieties. Ruby was having a hard time moving through the crowd with all the noise, so I ended up just picking her up and carrying her to our spot.

Once we got to our spot (the same one as last year), Rube still looked terrified.

She stayed close to the wall and wouldn't get on the blanket. She wouldn't drink any water and she stayed behind Seth for a good 45 minutes.

Then she started relaxing a little, and I caught a smile.

After awhile she was ready to join us on the blanket. What a beautiful summer night!

She finally laid down and got comfy...

And soon she was fast asleep :)

What a sweet girl, and a great ball game!


Anonymous said...

that was a sweet story. how old is ruby?

Libby said...

she's 11 1/2 :)

Amelia said...

How cute! You should post some of these pics on under Dog Days of Summer. Our station airs pics of dogs from that site during the weather segments of some of our shows.

Catherine said...

That's very cool that she got to go out and hear a game.

I am new to your blog (I wish I can remember how I found you) and am totally latching on to you! I married into a family in "LA" and have a strange affection for Southern bloggers :)