This past Friday I had the pleasure of seeing my all-time favorite musician in concert for the 2nd time.....TOM PETTY! Oh MAN he was good. But I'll get to that in a second.

Seth, Todd, Xembra and I headed off to Charlotte, NC for the show, and rocked out to Petty in the car the whole way. The closer we got, the darker the clouds got, but magically there wasn't a cloud in the sky once we got to the amphitheatre.

We had such a good time, just sitting out on the lawn and listening to the opening act, Steve Winwood.

Towards the end of his set, he sang one of his biggest hits - Higher Love - or as I call it, The Big Business Song :)

As soon as the sun went down, Petty came out, and he ROCKED it.

All of these Petty pics are courtesy of Xembra, by the way...Seth and I were just too far away and our camera wasn't powerful enough to get any good shots of the stage. Thanks Xembra!

He is so freaking talented, and he puts on such an awesome show.

Seth and I were really worn out the next day after all the excitement, and were pretty much out for the drive home.

These pics are also courtesy of Xembra :)

What a great trip and a great show! Oh, and I didn't make a bit of progress on my other house project...I was just too worn out. It'll have to wait until weekend after next because I've got company coming all the way from Texas tomorrow and she'll be here for the rest of the week and weekend. I can't wait! Having good pals or family come visit is the BEST :)


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Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I love Tom Petty too--esp. "Free Fallin' " :) We're going to Robert Plant and Allison Krause this Saturday w/ friends. So excited!