Finished projects & out-of-town visitors

...two of my favorite things!

About 3 years ago I made a piece of metal wall art as my final project before graduating. I had been getting really bogged down in trying to make "good art" that I was pretty much paralyzed before I could even start making something. So I decided to do an extended exercise in trusting my own hand and just letting whatever wanted to come out, come out.

My concentration was in printmaking, so I had access to tons of old aluminum lithography plates. I cut a bunch of them up into squares and went to work etching whatever my hand came up with on the back of each one. It ended up being one of my favorite things, but I definitely slacked on the finished product. It was the end school and I just needed to get everything finished, so I assembled all the squares using duct tape.

I love duct tape, and I'm a big believer that it can fix almost anything, but it turns out that 3 years was the limit for holding all those squares together. I fought it at first and re-duct taped them a couple times over the past few months, but it just wouldn't hold anymore. I'm actually glad because I was finally forced to mount my art on something more permanent. Here's a reminder of the sad duct tape rig I had before:

The tabs at the top are made of duct tape too...I just folded them over and nailed right through them. No wonder it wouldn't stay up! The duct tape took sooooooooo long to get off...if I had to estimate, I'd say it took 6 hours total. I made sure to number the backs of all the squares in case they got out of order.

I got a board cut to size at Home Depot (can't remember what kind...something cheap and 1/4" thick). Then I primed and painted it the same white that I did the TV stand in, then attached all the squares to the board with industrial double sided tape. My friend Stacy at work gave me the great idea to mount it to the wall with mirror clips, and it worked like a charm!

I'm really happy that its finally finished, and I think it helps balance out the room a little too. Luckily I got it up just in time for my out-of-town sister Lana! We had such a good time together, and it really meant a lot that she came to see me. We had lots of good hang out time, plus we ate great food and drank delicious margaritas, too.

Thanks for coming to visit, Lan!!
Who's next? ;)


Anonymous said...

My, aren't we good lookin' sisters ;) ! I can't say enough how much fun I had w/ you, and how great it was to just have several unrushed hours to hang out together!! Wow--I see what you were saying about the piece above the sofa--BIG difference from the duct tape version. You've done an amazing job on your house! Love you!

Alison said...

Me... I'm next!