Beach pictures

Here are the pictures from our beach trip a few weeks ago. They are all from a $3 disposable camera, so the quality isn't great. I sort of like the look of them, though...they look old or something.

The water on the last day was the calmest I've ever was like being in a giant bathtub, except the water was the perfect temperature and completely refreshing.

Seth trying to hack on the beach.

Seth's feet refuse to tan :)

That's all I've got for today. I don't feel so great...the weather might be messing with me (its been fluctuating from rainy and chilly to hot and muggy for the past couple of days). These pictures make me miss being at the beach (aka. the best place on earth)!

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Lollie Lane said...

I LOVE the look of these! They look so 60s.