Catching up

Sorry for the long blog absence. I always forget how busy summer can be, and these last few weeks have been a whirlwind. In addition to lots of stuff going on, I switched to a new work schedule that's been a pretty big adjustment. Since I last posted almost 3 weeks ago (yikes!), Seth and I have been to the beach for our vacation, my mom-in-law had a birthday, and I finally made some progress on staining and installing the transition pieces in our house. It only took a year for me to get around to it, but better late than never, right?!

The other night I tried a new recipe for edamame & roasted garlic grilled cheese sandwiches. I really want to start eating more edamame (soybeans) is one of the few non-fish sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which is great since I don't like fish and Seth is a vegetarian. By the way, when I was making sure I had my facts straight, this was the ad on the health benefits of soy website:

Only in the US would someone come up with bacon mac & cheese. Barf!

Anyway, back to the edamame - it was my first time to cook with it, and it was inexpensive and delicious. I also got to use my food processor for the first time. I used to always have to skip recipes that required one, but not anymore...thanks, Mom!

Speaking of moms, Mama Tee had a great birthday at Pelancho's last Friday:

This was after a bunch of people rushed over, put a sombrero on her head, sang, and fed her a honey & whip cream topped sopapilla (and got it all over her can still spot a little on her chin!). It was hilarious....Happy birthday, Mama Tee! You were a good sport :)

I'll be posting pictures of the latest house project and from vacation soon. I just need to finish up a couple more things, plus I'm waiting for the rest of the beach pictures to be developed (we took a disposable camera to the beach). Later!

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Anonymous said...

what's funny is that i read the article, thinking "yes, the shang dynasty, one of asia's first...oh soy, far back..." and then i went back to your blog and you weren't even talking about the history! i'm such a dork! lol. (but bacon mac and cheese does look disgusting. and what's up with pizza hut trying to serve non-pizza food? gross.)