Seth, Ruby and I were in Morristown this past weekend and we stopped at Evergreen Cove at Cherokee Lake on the way home. It felt surreal how crisp and colorful everything was. Being there surrounded by all that beauty was just about a mood booster!


Norma said...

Wait, that's in Morristown!??! Fiona's bio dad is from Morristown and I've been there a million times and never seen this place. We're going again this weekend (I've been offered some free furniture!) so I'll have to see if I can find it. Beautiful photos!

Amelia said...

My boyfriend's parents live off of Cherokee Lake in Rutledge...the water there is so much cleaner than Tellico Lake. I'll have to share the view from their front porch sometime with a picture. It's the best place to spend the weekend and drink coffee in the morning!

Anonymous said...

and people wonder why i go there every other day to chill. great place to unwind and it's less than 5 minutes from my driveway. i knew Ruby would love it! nice pix too. thanks to you and Rikki Rocket for coming to the Halloween party. we had fun!!!!!