There are some downsides to my new work schedule (like being in this cube for 10 hours at a time), but one of the cool things is that I get to see a gorgeous sunrise every morning. Here's the one I got today:

Not a whole lot new to report these days. Its finally Fall, which means its pretty and crisp outside but its also really cold in the mornings. As usual, I'm not having the best reaction to the cold weather. I'm hoping that this will be the year that I magically don't fall into a 4 month cold weather funk, but we'll see. I've been cooking a LOT...almost every night...and I think its helping a little. Cooking is relaxing to me, plus I like trying new recipes/ingredients, so I'm hoping that it'll help keep my spirits up for the next several months.

Another thing that gets my spirits up is when people I love come to visit! Al came to town last weekend, and we had a really fun and relaxing time together. We went to the Smokey Mountains to see the fall leaves, ate yummy food in Market Square, and watched a great movie and some good football. Here are some pictures from the mountains:
Al, thanks so much for coming to visit...I miss you already!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! --Lan

Anonymous said...

i agree! knoxville is sooo beautiful! :)