Transition time

Seems like so many things are in transition right now...the seasons, the economy, and then of course there's the upcoming presidential election. Everyone seems to be a little uneasy these days because of one or all of the things I just mentioned, and I'm one of them. The weather getting colder is hard enough as it is, but adding the election and the economy situation on top of that is just too much at one time. So I find myself taking a Scarlet O'Hara approach these days and I'm choosing not to think about that stuff (at least some of the time)...its just too overwhelming, esp. if its about something that I can't do anything about anyway. are some lighter things! Like adorable animals at the Nashville Zoo (Seth and I went to Nashville last weekend for our 4th annual Titans game with my parents):

Do you see the 2 monkeys in that tree? According to Seth (he read all the informational plaques at each exhibit and reported to my mom and I), if humans arms were proportionately as long as these monkeys' arms, they would be to the ground. I just love this shot of them up in the should have seen how fast they climbed up that tree. This next one is the best (click on it to see it bigger):

Isn't that sweet?? When I came around the corner and saw these two, I couldn't believe it! I've never seen tigers like that together, and I love how they are a mirror image of each other but just different colors. Here's some other zoo pics:

That's all for right now. I've got a couple house projects in the works, plus a new-to-us piece of furniture in the living room that makes a world of difference. I'll write about that stuff soon...maybe tomorrow! Here's one more animal before I sign off:

She looks about how I feel right now. I'm off to crash on the couch. Later!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me want to go to the zoo!