Bedroom wall art

I finally figured out what to do with the big blank wall in the bedroom! Before Christmas I was in Sears and found all these white frames with white mats on sale...50% off or more. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for - an art wall in the bedroom. I got all of the frames for less than $50, then enlarged a bunch of photos at Walgreens for less than $10 (and less than 1 hour). Together they are sort of an adventure hall of fame for me and Seth...driving out west a few years ago, our first beach trip, rafting down the Nantahala, etc. All of the shots were taken outdoors and several involve water, blue sky, and/or sand, so the colors ended up coordinating too.

I'm hoping that seeing these pictures every day will inspire us to have always have more adventures in the future :)

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Anonymous said...

Lib, those turned out really cool! I may steal your idea for our hallway :) --Lou