Happy 2009!!

I know everyone says this, but last year really flew by. I can't believe that we just started the last year of this decade. I got a great surprise to bring in the new year...Ryan came to town from Chicago! He spent New Year's Eve with us, and since his birthday was the day before I threw him a little impromptu birthday/new year's party.

I had a lot of fun putting all the food together, and it made me realize how much I like to entertain. That may be one of my resolutions this year...to have people over more. I especially had a good time making the mini burgers. I made them once when I was a kid and I've wanted to make them again ever since. Aren't they cute? They're made with vanilla wafers and peppermint patties (here's how if you want to make them too). I'm so glad to know now that New Year's Eve is best spent doing something low-key. All we did was hang out, eat snacks, have some drinks, and play the Wii...and it was perfect!

After breakfast at the Waffle House, we took Ryan to his parents' house in the country and hiked around their farm. It was freezing but so great to be outside in the sun.

I loved starting the year off doing something playful and running around outside and being with people I love. Hopefully that will be an indicator to how the rest of the year will be :)

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Anonymous said...

Lib, its the mini burgers...I can't believe it!! I had forgotten about those. They turned out adorable! I totally want to make them now :) And I love the pic of you in the crocheted yellow hat--is that one mom made yrs ago?? Looks like y'all had a blast! --Lou