No I haven't taken the tree down yet

But I'm making progress. Since this picture was taken, the stockings came down along with all lights that could be seen from the road (plastic candles in the window, lights around the front door). So from the outside no one can tell that we're the weirdos with our Christmas tree still up on January 9th :) I'm not making any promises, but the tree is probably coming down this weekend....its time.

Part of the reason I haven't wanted to take it down is because that corner will be empty. We moved the chair that was there before over by the built-in bookshelves on the other side of the room, and it turns out that it was meant to be over there. Which means I need to find a new something to put in the Tree Corner. Hopefully I can find a cool chair for cheap at a thrift store to put there.

All in all I'm feeling pretty frustrated with the living room. Its not awful or anything, but there are several issues that I just can't seem to resolve. The main issue has always been the size of the room...still haven't quite figured out how to decorate a room this big. And then there's my newest dilemma: the rug + coffee table + couch situation. Our old rug was shedding like crazy, plus the color wasn't working (too much brown), so I found a orangey-red rug over the holidays for a great price.

Its not such a bright red in real life...not sure why it looks that way in the picture. But you get the idea. I think its an improvement, but something still isn't right. If money were no object, the first thing I'd do is get the couch re-covered in a neutral, non-patterned fabric and find some throw pillows to tie everything together. But since that can't happen, I'm focusing more on the coffee table/rug issue...the combo of the red color of the rug and the fake wood brown on the coffee table is just bugging me. And now I'm also wondering if the coffee table just needs to be wider all together. I just don't know. Should I paint the coffee table? Get a new one? Any other suggestions? I can't seem to figure this one out. Here's a view from the other side of the room if that helps (its a better representation of the color, too):

On the bright side, I finally figured out what to do with the huge blank wall in the bedroom...hopefully I can post pictures of that tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Norma said...

A fix for not too much money is a slipcover. I hate them though, and have been researching a type of dye you spray onto fabric to make it look new. I've had several friends stand behind the stuff, google spray dye for upholstery.