New chair

I finally found the perfect chair for the corner by the built-in bookshelves! After we took the Christmas tree down, the yellow chair went back to its normal spot and that empty corner has been bugging me ever since. Then yesterday I stopped into one of my favorite vintage shops on my lunch break and found The Chair! I had almost gotten so many other chairs that were just okay and I'm so glad I waited. Its comfy and cute and it I got it for a great price.

What's really crazy is that I found some fabric in a trunk in the backyard shed about a year ago and its almost an exact match to the chair fabric. I'm hoping my mom can make a few throw pillows out of it for the couch to tie everything together. I'm so glad that I haven't made a Goodwill drop in awhile because that fabric has been in the give-away box in the garage for months! Funny how it worked out this way.